Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The (un)Civil War in Iraq

You really, really have to look at this video. It is a TV debate (on Al Jazeera) between a man who was pleased that Saddam was executed and one who was not. Amazing to see the deep hatred (not just disagreement) between these two factions. It makes our current atmosphere of partisanship look very lame. It also makes me even more pessimistic that peace will come to that area anytime soon.


Unknown said...


What I find striking is that a man who knows that Hussein ordered the murder of members of his own family is willing to elevate him to the level of righteous martyr because he was executed by members of a rival religion, in a disrespectful manner, and on a holy day.

This is a powerful display of the obstacles to progress in Iraq. It is one that all Americans need to watch and struggle to understand.

aarrgghh said...

i notice that sadeq al-musawi, the journalist, seated on our left, who storms out of the the studio for a time, does not get very much airtime in the captions or the transcript, even though he appears to be yelling as much as his counterpart, mr. al-jabouri.

can anyone get anything more out of al-musawi — if in fact there is more — that might not have made it into the translations?