Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Obama smear by FOX, Rupert and Rev. Moon

I wrote kind of a long piece about this story but “blogger” erased it on me. (This new system is much better and convenient – but it does have it’s flaws). What it said in short was that this is a wonderful example of how misinformation is disseminated to the followers of the right wing. It shows why so many people are grossly misinformed – and why they are likely to remain so for some time to come. Frankly, I think it is Un -American to purposefully mislead people in order to gain electoral success. The Republicans have allowed themselves to be manipulated by the likes of Rupert Murdoch, Rev. Moon and the rest of the right wing media machine. I hope that they will soon realize (and stop) this well funded, well planned strategy of misleading their followers in order to frighten them, once again, into voting for “Conservatives”.

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