Monday, January 15, 2007

Chicken Hawk Bush can't watch Saddam Video

Last night I watched the 60 Minutes interview with President Bush. Much of it was maddening, as usual watching this simple minded man talk frightens the Hell out of me. One part of the interview in particular though really galled me. (Check out the quick diary I wrote about it here last night generating 80+ comments.)
I was just watching the 60 Minutes interview of George Bush and saw the sorry proof of the chicken hawk syndrome afflicting the White House. CBS reporter Scott Pelley asked Bush a number of times if he has seen the Saddam Hussein hanging. Bush kept saying yeah, "parts" of it. Finally Pelly asked what parts. Bush said "the taunts but not" .. he couldn't quite say it looking sickened at the very thought. Pelly chimed in "Saddam going through the chute?" "Yes", admitted the man who is now sending 21,500 additional young Americans into peril. What a piece of work. He can't even watch his enemy be hanged on a grainy video but he can sleep soundly after sending 3,000 American and 15,000+ Iraqi to their unnecessary deaths! [transcript here]. It is also important to remember that George W. Bush set a record in carrying out executions during his 1 1/2 terms as Governor of Texas. He sent more than 140 people to death there. Yet he gets queasy just thinking about watching someone die! This guy is truly dillusional and dangerous.

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