Friday, January 5, 2007

Saddam Hanging

There is really not much I can add to what has been said about this story. Yes, Saddam was a bad guy. But, I find it hard to see how it was worth 3,000 American lives, tens of thousand of Iraqi lives and our reputation and status in the world. The botched execution last week has blown up in our face and not only threatens our troops on the ground now but endangers all of here at home for years to come. The resentment caused by the sorry spectacle will no doubt motivate hundreds, if not thousands of people to hold a grudge against America and Americans.

Saddam said during the first Gulf War that it was "The Mother of all Wars". Most thought he was saying the "Mother F#$^ER" of all wars. Therefore, his quick defeat in Gulf War I opened him up for years of ridicule about the statement. But (as I have said since way back then) what he meant was that it was going to be "The Mother" as in the war that gives birth to all other wars. Was he right? Bin Laden said that our presence in Saudi Arabia during the first Gulf War was part of the motivation for 9-11. Iraqi Freedom was launched in part to "finish the job" of the first war. Who can doubt that future wars will have ties to our current mess? So, while asshole Saddam may not turn out to be exactly right in his prediction back then - he sure is coming damn close. Somewhere in Hell he must be laughing.

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