Thursday, January 11, 2007

21,500 Americans Sent To Bail Bush Out

The Bush speech last night [transcript] was quite a spectacle. If I didn't know better, I would assume that George W. Bush has finally come to realize that his misadventure in Iraq was a complete failure and that his critics, who have warned that EVERYTHING he has attempted in his life has been a catastrophe, are right. Born rich and with an influential name, Bush spent his adolescence and early adulthood flaunting his social status and acting irresponsibly. Of course he knew his name would always get him out of trouble. He was given businesses, repeatedly failed at them and was repeatedly bailed out by his family. He was weak governor of Texas, but had his reputation bolstered by Republican politicians and media stars willing to spin any version of truth to propel him to power. He snatched the 2000 election and arrogantly acted as if he were appointed King. His Iraq policy was based on some mystical vision of spreading democracy and it has also failed miserably. Who will bail him out this time? Well, last night he asked our overstressed military to rescue HIM from another one of his blunders.

The reason I bring up all this history is because it was important to me in forming my decision about his new Iraq plan. If this were a man who had a history of success or even a mixed bag - I would be more inclined to support him in this new strategy. But, lets face it - the guy is a dumb ass and surrounds himself with people who pretend otherwise. Even if this was the best idea in the world (which it is not) I think it would be fair to assume that Bush would find a way to screw it up. So, I am against the escalation plan. I cannot support putting the lives of 20,000 of Americas finest in the hands of George W. Bush. Especially when the plan rests on the word and deeds of Iraqi President Maliki - whos own legacy of failure is rather stunning.

Finally, the most troubling part of his speech to me was his statement indicating possible military action against Syria and Iran. I would not be surprised if this "surge" of his includes spreading the war to these two other nations. I am not sure anyone can do anything to stop this man from further damaging our nation. My only hope, the only possible silver lining in all this, would be that the American people grow up and realize that George W. Bush is just one cog in the Right Wing wheel that has been corroding the strength and reputation of the United States. Please remember that George W. Bush was groomed by these right wingers for years to be President. They had plans to invade Iraq for almost as long. Have no doubt that they are grooming others and planning other great visionary battles for the United States. So, if the election of 2006 turns out to be a warm up to a complete repudiation of the "Conservative" movement (hey - real conservatives - take back the name the GOP has stolen from you!) then perhaps some good can come of this dark chapter in our history. First, though we have to survive the remaining two years under their sphere of influence.


Brenda said...

I missed the speech last night as I had to work..any idea where I can find a written copy? I am keeping my fingers crossed that the draft isn't reinstated, if so.. I hear Canada is nice this time of year!

Mark said...

Thank you for the request. I have added a link to the transcript of Wednesday night's speech in the post.

Jeff Briscoe said...

twzWell stated, MQA. The speech was (as expected) pathetic. Again, I give you credit for approaching it with more of an open mind than I could. But we came to the same conclusion. And the scariest part was indeed how he invoked Iran and Syria. This man has already destroyed US credibility and strength through Iraq. If he thinks he can recover it by playing cowboy again, he's very wrong. And the results will be disastrous for all.

I hope Congress steps up and does the right thing. Now is the time for real leadership. I don't care from what party they come. Kennedy, Obama, Clinton, Brownback, Gordon Smith, Hagel, is now on men and women like you to do the right thing here. I (and my vote) will be watching.

And thank you for not calling Bush a conservative. He may very much be a Republican or very much a neo-conservative. But Bill Buckley would not recognize anything of himself in this president.