Friday, January 19, 2007

GULP! China now able to shoot down Satellites

It seems that if we actually make it through the next two years we are in for some dreary times indeed. Contemporary critics of the Bush administration are rightly focused on all the terrible things they are doing to destroy our way of life. Historians, however, will also show us all the things they did NOT do during their tenure which are endangering generations of Americans to come. The Bush administration, distracted by Iraq and redefining the US Constitution, has allowed China and the rest of the world to 'surge' ahead of us in many different ways. Economically we have probably already fallen too far behind to catch up anytime soon. Alarmingly, we have also fallen behind at least China militarily. Because of the utter incompetence of the Bush foreign policy team and their abuse of Superpower status, we now face a future where the survival of our satellite communication devises (private and military) will depend on the attitude of Chinese leaders. Thank God I know how to use chopsticks already.
The test of an antisatellite weapon, which the government refused to either confirm or deny today, despite widespread press coverage and diplomatic inquiries, was perceived by regional experts as China’s most provocative military action since it test-fired missiles off the coast of Taiwan more than a decade ago. Unlike the Taiwan exercise, the main intended audience this time was the United States, the sole superpower in space. source

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