Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Bush to Call for Troop Escalation

"A draft of President Bush's Iraq policy speech says the aim is to have Iraqi forces in control of all security by November and for extra U.S troops to deploy by the end of this month, a U.S. official tells CNN."
President Bush will have a tough task convincing Congress and the vast majority of Americans that his idea of a troop escalation in Iraq is a good idea - although he'll do it no matter what. I will be watching and listening with an open mind. Clearly, his incompetence and dishonesty has gotten us into a huge mess. But, if we just leave Iraq to its own accord there will be chaos and, I believe, we could be at even greater risk than we are now. I don't know if a surge is the answer but I will hear what he and the Congressional leaders have to say. If I come to believe there is a way to salvage something from this fiasco then I'll be all for it. If, however, it is just a last ditch effort by Bush to save his reputation or to try to corner Democrats then I'll join the 60% of Americans against sending more troops. Feel free to comment.

The speech is Wednesday 9pm (EST).


Jeff Briscoe said...

I dunno, MQA. Sounds like you're giving him more of an open mind than me. And I voted for him -- once! Credit to you. But I'm hoping Congress steps in on this one.

Mark said...

I really want to believe the President and want to believe that this plan will actually work. He has a long way to go to convince me, especially considering his track record of failure. I'll listen to what he says, what the experts think and try to draw a conclusion from it.