Tuesday, January 2, 2007

3 Wall Street Journal Stories

I rarely read the Wall Street Journal. Usually only in hotels when they give it out free or in airports if I have a lot of time to kill. It's a pretty good business paper and many of the stories and commentaries are quite interesting. If I had the time and easy access I'd probably read it everyday. I did not read it today, but out of the blue, I found myself coming across 3 different news stories about the daily. Seemed worth noting.

First, when I was reading the New York Times on the Subway this morning I learned that the Journal had shrunk their paper size in an effort to save money. No big news there, many newspapers are struggling financially and this is an easy way to cut costs. It was an extra big paper and come to think of it kind of bulky. Then I saw a full page ad from their workers complaining about a decline in the paper's once heralded standards. I was very surprised to see that spat being fought in such a public way. Finally, later in the day, I read on line that Rupert Murdoch was thought to be interested in buying the Financial paper to bolster his FOX News empire.

Three times yesterday the Wall Street Journal came to my attention.

So I bring it to yours.

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