Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Democratic Convention: Day 2

Hillary Clinton's speech was just about perfect! I was very critical of her during the Primary season, that's for sure. But ever since the "Unity" speech after Obama clinched, I have seen her rally around Barack. While the mainstream media have been trying to play up a division between the two candidates, I never really saw it. Sure she articulated the discontent of her strongest supporters and yes, she was terribly disappointed, but Hillary is a team player and she personally seemed to make the effort to unite the party. Last night she seem to have struck the right tone and said the right words to bring even her most hardcore followers into the fold. The line "No way, No how, No McCain" was a sure winner and left little doubt as to her thoughts on the matter. Overall, it was a huge success and sets the stage wonderfully for Joe Biden's speech tonight.

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