Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Those Crazy Reds!

Here's a quick look at a couple of stories that caught my eye yesterday. They are about one of my favorite topics - the absolute fraud of the so called conservative movement and how you have to be crazy to still believe in it.

TEG NUGENT: Yes that crazy rocker is back and quickly becoming the darling of the right wing. Recently during one of his concerts he lambasted Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton even making veiled threats on their lives. Nugent is a gun toting loud talking right wing nut but when it came to his own (in)action during the Viet Nam war, we only have to look at his own words to understand his hypocrisy. He not only dodged service but pissed and crapped himself and did not wash for a month to get a deferment based on mental illness. No wonder Sean Hannity has embraced him now. After all this neo-conservative thing is also a form of mental illness and it stinks to high heaven.

LARRY CRAIG. This is not a re-post, this is a new story. A right wing, family values Republican was caught soliciting sex in an airport men's room. (Getting redundant isn't it?? Makes me wonder if the GOP is the Gay Old Party) We have all heard some outspoken right wingers claim that homosexuality is a mental illness while people like me like to say that conservatism is. Whoever is right, this stalwart of the GOP is a real nut job - or at least just looking for one.

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