Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The truth can set US free

If you haven’t seen the news highlights from yesterdays hearing with Attorney General Alberto Gonzales you really should check it out. I agree with the consensus that there has never been a worse performance in Congressional history. Like a fifth grader trying to talk his way out of trouble, Gonzales’ answers were moronic, dishonest and an insult to the American people. In a way I’m pleased - because now we have a historical record of what happens when an authoritarian, crony based government has control. You get incompetent “yes men” who have no trouble lying their ass off, knowing full well they have the protection of the President. In an effort not only to point out this obvious fact, I also would suggest that people keep track of those Republicans (in and out of office) who continue to let our nation suffer from this Administration. They should be tagged for life as Un-American partisans and should NEVER be allowed to hold power over the American people again.

Having said that, you would have been hard pressed to find many Republicans supporting Gonzales yesterday. At least half of GOP committee members yesterday told Gonzo point blank that he was unfit for office. Of all the Republicans who pressed the AG yesterday, none was more hard-hitting than Senator Arlen Spector of Pennsylvania. He sees what going on and tore Gonzo a new one. So what does FOX News do? Well they change Spector's party affiliation from Republican, which he has been for 30+ years, to a Democrat! (Of course it’s not the first time they have done something like that). I show you this not only to reinforce my point that there is an organized propaganda program in place by the right wing, but to silence the critics who still refuse to believe that something so sinister could be happening in the United States. It’s happening, and is plain to see for everyone. In my opinion, if you don’t do something to stop it (especially if you are a Republican!) then you are just part of the problem. As American citizens, we have the DUTY to correct mistakes like this. Survival of our once great country will not withstand further appeasement of the Bush Administration by politicians, citizens or the media.

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