Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Dave Hart, who has been athletic director at Florida State University since 1994, will NOT have his contract extended. To me that's great news for a couple of reasons. First, I never got along with him. I used to have to interview him every morning when he first took the job and he had no time for goofing around or a little kidding. Listen, it was a morning radio show - it's supposed to be lively and funny. When Hart came on board he just wanted to read his 3 minute update and be done with me. . Hart never did like me and I think it's because I made fun of his very annoying habit of repeating the name of the person he is talking to over and over. Anyone who has taken speaking classes knows that to repeat the name of who you are talking to is a good idea. However, he way over did it. I actually took to ringing a bell every time he did it. ("well Mark (ding), let me tell you Mark (ding) that the Seminoles will come back later this year Mark (ding).) After a couple weeks of my shenanigans he just did the spot with my producer and then eventually recorded his "interview" alone. How surprising that he lasted longer in his job than me. Second reason, he oversaw the decline of FSU athletics. Sure academics mean the most, but lets not deny the power of athletics. A large University needs a successful athletics program in order to be viable. FSU has not been so for some time now. So, see ya Dave, been good to know you Dave and thanks for everything Dave.

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