Monday, July 16, 2007


Here are a couple charts which illustrate some very interesting information about the Presidential campaign. The chart above shows Hillary Clinton (purple line) holding her lead over Barack Obama (green), John Edwards (brown) and Al Gore (yellow). While this would seem to give comfort to Hillary supporters, I see optimistic news for Obama. Let's somewhat safely assume that the final two Democratic candidates are Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Which of the two do you think the majority of current Gore and Edwards supporters would go? I think Obama for sure which puts him slightly in the lead. ..... The chart below I have posted also shows good news for Obama. We already know that he has raised more money than any other candidate, but when I examined just how much was from small donations (under $200) I realized the amazing depth of his support. He demolishes the competition in this category raising over $16 million form small donations alone! Also worth noting is that Hillary Clinton came in fourth place in this category and Ron Paul has raised almost all of his $2 million from small time donors.
Total Amount From Small Contribs ($200 or less)
Obama $16,389,708
Edwards $5,325,028
McCain $4,032,102
Clinton $3,970,975
Romney $3,095,089
Richardson $1,979,413
Giuliani $1,977,749
Dodd $1,446,551
Paul $1,415,258

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