Sunday, July 1, 2007

Something Stinks!

Oh. It's the Yankees. Went to the game today and we stunk up the place yet again. It's really a different mood at the Stadium these days. It's not ugly, like you might expect. Yes, there is plenty of booing and yelling but, for the most part, it's pretty tame. I find the mood to be almost more relaxed. I know it is for me. When the Yankees were doing so well in years past, there was always pressure to keep the lead over the Red Sox or get the best record for home field advantage. But now, it's just a day at the park watching a baseball game. There are slightly more empty seats - giving me the opportunity spread out a bit - and people seem to be talking to each other more in the stands. It's still a whole lot of fun. So while I wish the Yankees were doing better, going to the games is still my favorite thing to do in the city. Another interesting thing I have noticed since moving here and going to games.... I get LESS upset at the losses. I'm not sure why but while I yell a bit at the stadium when we mess up - it was SOOO much worse watching in on TV from Florida or Nevada. Maybe it's the fact that I'm at the stadium and having a good time, maybe it's that I now (literally) see them as mere mortals rather than superhumans on TV or maybe I'm just getting more mature and not acting like a little baby when the Yankees loose. I think it's probably one of the first two reasons though.

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