Friday, July 13, 2007

Good News / Bad News Friday

It’s a Good News/Bad News Friday folks! The good news can be seen in this map. (click to enlarge) It shows a Red America on the ropes. If you look at the map only 1 state - Utah - still supports George W. Bush. (I am usually pro-Mormon. I’ve know many and they are very good people. But this seems to indicate a detachment from reality that can sometimes accompany strong religious belief. The fact that they still have not completely caught on to the failure of this Presidency makes me wonder if this is some sort of cultish mentality at play here.) Outside of that one state (and even the numbers for Utah are just barely over 50%) The rest of America seems to be rejecting the GOP. That’s the good news.
The bad news can be seen in this short video clip from my favorite news program Washington Journal. A young Republican, a protégé of one of architects of the Iraq war Bill Kristol, came on support the continued occupation. “Conservatives” love to train and indoctrinate their people young and this guy is so typical of the youthful zealots that the right wing cultivates. In his life, he will be paid well, get tons of TV and radio spots and regular magazine columns as long as he continues to push an authoritarian state run by the right wing. Anyway, in this video the very first caller criticizes him. Watch as this well trained young Red deftly deflects the question and brings up a series of irrelevant and distracting arguments. Some gall?!? Actually it’s a strategy of proven success. It was similar tactic of propagandizing that gave us the “Republican Revolution”. Clearly they think it will work again.

So while, the chart at the top of the page shows that a majority of Americans are not buying that line of crap any more, the video below warns us there are thousands of young conservatives out their being trained by the right wing to “take back” the country. This propaganda machine, with the appeasement of the mainstream media, will continue to endanger this nation for decades to come. That’s the bad news.

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