Wednesday, July 4, 2007

A New American Independence

There can be no more appropriate day to post this video than today. America is under attack by a small band of people who call themselves "Conservative Republicans" but are really just cousins of the fascists that rear their ugly head regularly in human history.

I don't always agree with all of what Keith Olbermann says but last night, in this video, he summed up our current state of affairs quite well. He uses the Scooter Libby get out of jail free decision as jumping off point for outlining the reasons why Bush and Cheney should just resign.

There are two parts of his Special Comment I would recommend paying close attention to. First, when he explains how President Bush is not President of the whole country anymore - he is just President of a small group of radicals. I would take issue with Olbermann here only because I know it goes WAY beyond Bush and Cheney and started way before this latest decision. I know that this has been the strategy of the Republican party certainly since Newt Gingrich and probably dating back to at least Ronald Reagan. They call themselves "conservative" but of course that was just a word they stole because they knew real American conservatives - good hearted but naive to the tricks of propaganda- were a prime group to manipulate. They NEVER intended to represent the whole country.

The second part of this commentary, and one I totally agree with, is a list of accusations of why the Bush administration is corrupt and unfit to lead or represent the American people. That list is right on and provides a nice summary of the greatest transgressions of this Administration.

On this Independence day America is indeed under attack. On two fronts. One from the American fascists who have molded the United States into their own personal playground. The second front is, of course, al qaeda. This once great nation is now in suspended animation - waiting to see if we can survive the most destructive internal threat in our history while we simultaneously fight against these serious outside enemies.

There is little reason for optimism. Bush's ratings, while very low, still show that about 30% support him. Talk radio and FOX news still successfully continue their brain washing plan and the mainstream media still treats the right wing as legitimate democratic political force rather than the fascist movement that it is. Still, to this very day, about 40% of the American people still think Saddam Hussein was responsible for 9-11 Clearly there is a long way to go to un-
poison the minds of our people.

I have changed the tag line on my blog. You see that now I have a quote from Dante - "The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in time of crisis, remain neutral." . That's the way I look at things now. We got here on a "with us or against us" mentality. Let's use it to fix thing. If you are still a supporter of the Republicans who have brought us to this state than you are a defacto enemy of America. If you are not with them - then you have to do something to fix it. There is no middle ground, no staying out of the fight, no waiting for others to make things right. It is all our patriotic duty to purge this misnamed "conservative revolution" from our government. The commentary I am posting from Keith Olbermann, seems like as good of a starting off point as any.

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