Saturday, July 7, 2007

Today is 7/7/7. Feeling Lucky? Hold that feeling because it's the 13th on Friday.

Today is Old Timers Day at Yankee Stadium and they will be bringing back much of the 1977 team. I really followed every move of the Yankees back then so I will be thrilled to see some of my childhood heroes. In addition to the '77 team, a number of other retired Yankees will be playing the game. I also noticed that a few of the Yankee Old timers are younger than me. Arrg.

President Bush, in his radio address criticized Democrats. The man is not very bright but you have to admire his ability to keep on lying. Today he blamed the democrats for the failure of immigration reform. Of course, it was Republicans in Congress that killed his bill. Gosh, the truth is an annoyance, isn't it George.

Readers will know that I have only recently come to the conclusion that Impeachment proceeding should begin against Bush and Cheney. Wow! A whopping 45% of Americans agree! You'll also remember that very few Americans - well under 40% ever thought that impeachment against Clinton was warranted. Democrats in Congress better take heed because the natives are restless.

My man, Ron Paul has more money on hand than John McCain. That's amazing, not only because of the free fall of the McCain campaign, but the fact that only Republican candidate that seems to grasp what America is about (perhaps excluding Huckabee) is actually garnering support from registered Republicans. There may be some hope after all.

I saw Michael Moores' SiCKO last night. It's a great piece of work that wonderfully explains how and why the American health system is a disgrace. Definitely worth seeing.

Have a great weekend all!!!!!

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