Thursday, June 26, 2008

The McCain Sermon

This is a very interesting piece talking about the religion of John McCain. The reporter had an extensive discussion with him about it back in 1996. Seems that McCain is far from the Christian fundamentalist that characterizes our current Commander-In-Chief. In fact, he seems down right indifferent to the view of Christianity that has dominated the political landscape recently. That's just my opinion. Read it for yourself and decide. Here is an excerpt from a sermon McCain said he gave while a POW in Vietnam.

One day I talked about the parable of when they asked Christ whether they should pay taxes and he held up a coin and said, “Render unto Caesar, etc.” My point was and still is that when we were flying in combat, we weren’t doing God’s work. We were doing Caesar’s work. So for us to go to prison and then ask God to get us out was not fair to God, to our religion, to our beliefs and to ourselves. It wasn’t a miracle that sent a SAM [surface-to-air missile] to hit my airplane. It was a guy, a technician at a SAM site.

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