Saturday, May 5, 2007

Barack in A Hard Place: Red America

It's tempting to think that all of America is ready for a black President, but we have to remember that the "conservative" ideology still plays the major role in American political dialog. I visit conservative blogs and unfortunately when the topic of Barack Obama comes up racist comments almost always follow. As with so many other issues regarding common decency, Red Americans still have a long way to go when it comes to race.

There have been two stories in the news lately that brings this point home. First of all the US Secret Service has been forced to give Barack Obama security already! This is, by far, the earliest any candidate has need protection. The Secret Service will not give any specific details except to say that "unspecified threats" are being made necessitating the unprecedented security precautions.

Next, CBS News found themselves in the position of having to pull the comments section of their news posts about Obama. Seems every time he is discussed, hateful and racists comments follow. So none are permitted anymore.

American history is full examples of power brokers fanning the fans of racism. The KKK was huge in the South in the early 20th century as they bolstered membership by many of the same rhetorical techniques used by contemporary "conservatives". The KKK evolved into segregationist Democrats and when the Democrats evolved past this, these people were welcomed into the "new" Republican party. From Ronald Reagan's race baiting to today's talk show hosts heated rhetoric, these racist feelings are still used by politicians to gain support by those who harbor racist feelings. It's no wonder then that Barack Obama finds himself threatened verbally and physically by the remnants of Americas dark past that now resides in too much (but not all) of Red America.

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