Thursday, October 2, 2008

October 2

Today is my Mom's Birthday. I will be flying down to Miami today to wish her a Happy Birthday in person.

Today is the 30th anniversary of the Bucky Dent Home Run in Boston. Things sure have changed in the baseball world.

With the Yankees out of the playoffs this year my sentimental favorites for this post season are 1. Chicago Cubs, 2. Tampa Bay Rays and 3. Chicago White Sox. Hope that doesn't jinx them.

The big VP debate tonight. I expect Sarah Palin to do better than expected. I just hope people don't mistake someone having 90 good minutes for someone being qualified for the office of Vice President. If the American people were charmed into loving her once, they might be fooled again. (It's not just Americans who fall into the trap either) If she doesn't win the debate tonight, the GOP's ticket chances are over. It's a crucial night tonight and I hope that the truth shines through and superficiality takes a back seat.

Michael Bloomberg is set to announce that he will seek a third term. As I have already mentioned, I support this and still believe that term limits are a bad idea. We'll see what the voters of NYC have to say.

Well I'm off to the airport. Time to take off my shoes for no good reason and now the newest ritual - sitting on the tarmac prior to take off for an hour or more. Still, it is more relaxing than most of my days at work and I get to read and listen to my iPod all day. Yayy! Best of all, I get to go home for a couple days. I'm off.....

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