Friday, October 17, 2008

LICKED! Obama runs the table (and "Joe the Plumber" proves it!)

Wednesday night was the final Presidential debate and it seems that it was another Obama victory. While McCain was more forceful and energetic in this encounter, he also came across as angry almost throughout the contest.

The biggest story of the debate, I guess, is "Joe the Plumber". He was used as an example by McCain throughout the debate. (read: "Don't pay attention to the policies favoring the rich that me and Palin support - look at Joe!! He's convinced he would be hurt under an Obama Presidency!!!!") I'm glad McCain did this.

McCain was trying to show Americans a poor, hard working businessman who would be punished by the mean old Obama economic plans. Apparently, he vetted the honesty of "Joe's" claims as little as he did his VP choice. Like much, if not all, of Conservative narratives, The story of "Joe the Plumber" it's an untrue myth. (These people rely so much on myths, symbolism and stuff that's simply made up, it it's astounding).

Turns out (no surprise) Joe is NOT a registered plumber, he does not make $250,000 and he is a registered Republican, not an undecided voter. Also he is NOT going to buy his boss' business (as he dishonestly said to Obama during their discussion) and even if he did he would not suffer additional taxes because his bosses business is not worth a quarter million dollars. Finally, Joe (that's NOT even his real first name for goodness sake) hates taxes so much, he won't even pay his "low" taxes now under a Republican administration.

So while the fictionalized story of "Joe the Plumber" seems to be the next shiny distraction the Republicans are using to try to persuade (trick?) their voters (again?), turns outs it is almost completely untrue. I know, a real shocker.

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