Sunday, February 17, 2008

Obama: a Dignified Climbdown for Republicans?

There are quite a few republicans who, if not promising to vote for Barack Obama, at least are taking a look at him. What a difference from the hyper-partisanship we all have been part of for the past generation. This diary offers an intriguing explanation for this crossover appeal.
Gandhi and Dr. King always said that in a struggle with an oppressor, the most important thing is to separate the oppressor from their oppression - oppose the behavior, not the person - and try to find a way for the oppressor to "cimb down" from their perch and see the light but with their dignity fully intact. ... [Obama]is offering an emotionally powerful idea of hope and cooperation - which appeals to everyone, including Republicans. ... Hillary Clinton is not only incapable of inspiring such optimism, her baggage from the past (unfair or not as it may be) stops her from being such an inspiring figure. Obama is the Democratic Reagan. The Dems for Reagan voted not for his right-wing policies, but for his message of optimism.

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