Friday, February 1, 2008

Congress Moves to Investigate NFL

Senator Arlen Spector is calling out the NFL and demanding hearings about “Spygate”. He wants to bring NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to Washington to answer his questions about the cheating scandal that has tainted this year's Super Bowl. Goodell is working hard to spin his role in the activity, but there should be no denying that the National Football League has gotten itself into a terrible situation. Certainly any Patriots* achievements this year (and perhaps during the entire Bill Belichick reign) are dubious because of the seriousness of the cheating offenses. Additionally, and the behavior of the NFL, which destroyed evidence privately while they levied record fines in front of the cameras, (and simply ignored other charges) has called into question it's own integrity.

Many are quick to dismiss this as much adu about nothing. But think about it, the Patriots* had been secret gathering and using inside information they should not have and others did not have for over a full year. Fining people does not erase their memory nor the advantage the Patriots* coaching staff retains to this day. Sure, teams have come up with new signals now, but Belichick and Co. still have an enhanced understanding of opposing teams strategies and methods of adaptations that you can't get simply by viewing legal game film. They had an unobstructed peek behind the curtain of the opposing team’s thinking and tendencies. There is a reason what they did is illegal!

It's too late now to levy what should have been the appropriate penalty, removal of the coaching staff and forfeiting of the 1 game they were actually caught red handed, but perhaps Congress can help to eventually restore the once honorable reputation of the NFL. Sadly, it just won't be in time for this Super Sunday.

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