Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Tuesday Roundup

I have been so busy that I haven't been keeping up with the blog or even my e mails. But all is well here in NYC. I got my tickets for Christmas in Miami and plan a nice Thanksgiving right here in the city. Until then I will be going 1,000 mile an hour. I guess that's the New York way.

It was strange seeing Joe Torre as a Dodger yesterday. I'm not sure whether to be happy for him or to hate him since he is on another team. I'll reserved judgement until the season starts. I am happy that Joe Giraldi is the Yankees new skipper. I think he will bring a young, fresh attitude to a team that desperately needs it.

I am really starting to think that Rudy Giuliani is worse than Bush and Cheney put together. If America elects this hateful, chronic liar than we might as well just roll up the flag and call it a day. He is as authoritarian as Cheney, as mean spirited as Bush and as dishonest as both of them put together. It amazes me that so many Republican voters seemed to be so fearful of terrorism that they are attracted to such a character. I know that liberals are often accused of being weak or wimpy, but look at the people so-called conservatives are attracted to. Seems to me that they are the ones looking for a Daddy figure to protect them at any cost.

The Dolphins made progress last week by not losing. To be fair, they did not play. It's unfortunate that New England beat Indy on Sunday. I almost never read the NY Post (it's a Rupert Murdoch rag) but they were giving them away the other day. I was checking out the sports page and they had an asterisk by New England in the football standings. The asterisk, they explained, was because they were "caught cheating". Bravo NY Post! If they go undefeated or win the Super Bowl it will certainly be tainted ala Barry Bonds.

Everybody seems to be picking on the new "Caveman" TV show. They say it is terrible and must be pulled. I disagree. I've watched every episode and think it is pretty good in fact. Go figure. I also like Kelsey Grammer's new show "Back To You". Two show which I have liked for a while are having stellar seasons - "The Office" and "Curb Your Enthusiasm" are both funnier than ever! I wonder how the writers strike will effect all of this.

Stephen Corbet has dropped his Presidential bid. I think the man may be a comedy genius and I like his show a lot but thank goodness for this. The Presidential race is serious business and the last thing we need is some joker effecting the results. Can somebody say Ralph Nader???

Enjoy the rest of the week folks!

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