Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The American Renewal Act of 2009

This is a great idea! All responsible people must admit that the past 7 years of the Bush Administration have been disasterous to our nation. To be honest, the damage done is so great, I am not convinced that we can rebond. However, an important first step to trying to save the USA would be to repudiate everything about what I have been calling the era of "Red America".

Commentator and cartoonist Ted Rall has come up with a brilliant idea which could help save this sinking ship and leave a lesson for the future on how to prevent it from ever happening again:

Now is the time. Write (an actual letter, not email) to your favorite presidential candidate and declare that you are a single-issue voter. Swear that, if he or she agrees to sign the following Pledge, your vote is assured. If not, promise to stay home or vote for someone else.

"I, ______________, hereby solemnly pledge that my first act upon assuming the office of President shall be to sign an American Renewal Act of 2009, which shall declare all laws, regulations, executive orders, treaties and actions undertaken by the federal government during the illegitimate and unlawful administration of George W. Bush to be null, void and without effect."

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