Monday, September 15, 2008

A New Week Begins

And it's going to be another long one. Here are some random thoughts:

The Yankees have just 1 week left of this miserable season. Next Sunday is the last game ever at "The Stadium". It should be a wonderful night of reminiscing and good byes. (But this makes me wonder if I want to watch it from home)

The Dolphins start the season 0-2. They looked OK the first game against the Jets but played terribly yesterday. I hope they do turn things around sooner rather than later.

I'm suffering from Palin burnout. It is really unfair to the American public and to our democracy as a whole to throw an unknown into the mix just weeks before the election. It is the height if disrespect and irresponsibility. Plus, she seems more corrupt than your average Alaskan politician and more power hungry than even Dick Cheney. She would never make it through the true vetting of a primary campaign. That's why the right wing want to sneak her in this way. God help us all if they succeed.

The economy is tanking again today. Is the American public bright enough to understand the obvious? Eight years of Bush-o-nomics have failed miserably. Pretty simple really. Simple enough for voters to connect the dots? Let's hope so.

I haven't been following the news exhaustively so I might have missed something but it seems odd to me that of the POST Hurricane Ike news is so minimal. Are there scores of dead people in the Galveston area? There must be. What’s going on there and why is there so little news. A FEMA blackout?

Mayor Bloomberg has been sending out feelers about removing the term limits for his position. I hope it works. I am against term limits and am for Mike Bloomberg. It make no sense whatsoever to me that the NYC voters lose their right to vote for a 3rd term for Bloomberg if they so choose.

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Brenda said...

You have not missed anything about the hurricane coverage, there is very little. My point exactly when I said earlier about them covering the storm extensively when it was New Orleans because they screwed up so badly with Katrina, but the hell with everyone else. And what happened to the freighter with all the men on it that were stranded...