Thursday, September 11, 2008

Clueless in Alaska

Well, well, well Sarah Palin finally gave an interview and as I feared, she is a simple minded ideologue. She only regurgitated right wing talking points during the interview or ignored the question all together. We can see that she is getting the classic tutoring from Republican operatives, but it can not hide the fact that she has no depth to her thought process, little knowledge of even contemporary history and totally in over her head. If Republicans like Presidents who are “just like us”, they will love this dim bulb from Alaska. Those of us who want someone BETTER than we are, have a clear choice in Obama/Biden. Let’s hope, after 8 years of a cocky ideological “everyman” in the White House we have learned our lesson about electing a puppet for a political movement over that of someone who’s primary interest is the good of the country.

UPDATE: Here's a fact check of the Palin interview.

UPDATE II: Today I have been adding links to this story. I haven't changed what I have written, but since I am often (yawn) ahead of the curve, when I come across news stories that come out during the day which support the arguments I made earlier, I link them up. So, what I am saying is that you should re-read any posts here which interest you, because they may be updated with fresh citations over the hours and days after the original blog is posted.

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