Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A New Blog Post

It's been a while since I have written a blog post. It's really just a matter of being busy and tired. When I do get free time i just want to veg out and not think or write. Today is not much of an exception, but to make sure everyone out there still realizes I'm alive here goes...

My phone messed up recently erasing all my numbers, contacts and even all my pictures. Stupid Treo. If you interact with me by phone or text - I have lost your information. Please contact me and identify yourself so I can get you back into my directory.

It's the Pope at Yankee Stadium!! So many tasteless joke opportunities here ("The 81 year Old Virgin") - but I'll reluctantly pass on making many of them for today. He seems like a nice enough guy - and he's German! I was baptised as a Catholic and go to church once or twice a year at the most, but I sure am not a "Good Catholic". I respect people who are but to commit to obeying old people and old laws by an old religion with more than a little bit of shadiness in it's history is not for me. I hope everyone who goes to see him has a great time. I understand it will be a magical and wonderful experience for many.

I will be going to Yankee Stadium - but to cheer on a bunch of twetysomething whore mongers. Yup, the Red Sox will be in town Wednesday and I snagged a couple tickets. It should be fun.
(Any New York reader that wants to offer me a whole lot of $$$$ for them - send m an e mail ASAP. I can be bought).

This Barack Obama "bitterness" issue has been in the news a lot and I have a lot of thoughts about it. More than I can really write about now. In sum, I think what he was saying is basically true - people are bitter about politics and are willing to put their self interests aside if convinced (wrongly in my opinion) that certain people are threatening their religious beliefs or their right to own a gun. While working in talk radio I heard how folks would ignore everything around them - dismiss reality completely - because they were persuaded that the mean old liberals were coming to take away their God and their guns. Of course, it was just nonsense spewed by right wing operatives - but people believed it. That successful propaganda has lead directly to the election of politicians over the past generation who don't care about the working class or the long term strength of the US economy. It makes me bitter. I must say though, Hillary's response delights me! By foolishly trying to portray herself as a "regular small town person" she seems to be helping to turn the controversy around to Obama's favor. She is still up by about 10 points, however, in Pennsylvania where the primary is just 1 week away.

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