Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Top Five Reasons I'm Glad The Yankees Lost

It’s sad that the Yankees have been eliminated from the post season so quickly again, but no tears. It’s not like I didn’t see it coming. It’s been 7 years of disappointment so I have passed the fit throwing behavior that characterized so many other Yankee end of seasons. In fact I am going to try to look at the bright side of things and came up with this list of top 5 reasons why I'm glad the Yankees lost:

5.The refund from unused playoff and World series tickets can be used to pay the rent - for the next two months!
4.My nights are free - the baseball season is over!
3.I can blame it on George W. Bush - afterall we were winning all the time until he took office!
2.I can finally concentrate on those powerful Miami Dolphins!
1. Finally Joe’s going to go and the Yankees can have a fresh start next year!
Some very quick thoughts on what we should do for next year. I'll probably elaborate on a day off when I have more time. Joes' got to go - obviously. A-Rod has to stay - at any cost. The new manager should be Hispanic - they have had the most enthusiasm on the team the past 2 years. Giambi, Matsiu, Rivera and Clemens should be shipped off - get whatever young talent we can for them. (This is going to be controversial) We should LOOK INTO trading Jeter - I love the guy but where's the fire in his belly? If we keep him I'm fine with it - but if we could exchange him for someone of equal talent but superior enthusiasm, we should consider it. (Hey, I wanted to trade Marino after his 1st Super Bowl loss when he was young and valuable. I'm ruthless and see attitude almost as important as talent) more later?


Brenda said...

You know it always makes me happy when the Yankees lose, I feel with all the money that is being spent on the team they should win every game. I agree with you about Jeter, he looks like he plays as if he earned the right to be there from his past, and now can kick back and just play mediocre ball and get away with. "Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference". (Winston Churchill). GO REDSOX!!!!

Jeff Briscoe said...

Maybe Cam Cameron can take Torre's place?!?

I like Torre but you're right. Change is needed. Sad thing is this team doesn't play anything like the kind of ball he himself brought to New York and the kind of ball that won 4 world series in 5 years. Torre got too comfy in his success and strayed from what brought them there.

Last night's game was case in point. Look at the 9th inning. Down 3 runs to a weak closer. Let's get on base. Get to his head. Manufacture some runs. But no. They all get up and swing for the fences. One of them made it. The other 3 went down weakly. They don't work the count anymore, don't hit and run, don't reach for a bloop to the opposite field, etc. The grit of guys like O'Neill, Brosius, Raines, Girardi, and Sojo is nowhere to be found - not even in Jeter anymore.

As to suggestions, I would just like the best guy for the job who can implement that kind of play. Also I would let A-Rod go. Sure, he's the best player in the game. But I wouldn't build my team around him. I'd use the money to pick up 3 or 4 good players. Keep Rivera at all costs. He may be the biggest single piece responsible for the Yankees success in the past 12 years. This series proved he's got some good years left in him. But I'd let Posada go unless you can reach a respectable contract. 35 year old catchers are usually close to the end of the line. Clemens is gone this time. Sadly nobody is going to take that Giambi contract. Matsui? He's not the problem and probably untradeable again with that contract.

The best hope for the Yankees is with the young arms. If a rotation of Hughes, Kennedy, Wang, etc combuined with a bullpen of Rivera and Chamberlain works out, they'll be back. So the right pitching coach might be even more critical than manager. Is it Guidry? I don't know. But hopefully the Cash-man will find out.