Saturday, October 6, 2007

Hi Bob, Oh Mary, Bye Joe

Well, the Yankees are really in a hole now after losing last night. I was in the theater watching "Mary Poppins" during our meltdown and learned with everyone else during intermission that we had lost. (It was funny - as soon as the light came up, everyone turned on their PDA or called friends to get game updates) The Yanks have to win 3 in a row or it's another quick exit from the post season. I haven't looked at the highlights yet (don't watch them too much after a loss) so can't comment on the specifics of the game - but it was 1-0 Yanks when I left for Broadway and 2-1 Indians when the play hit intermission. For now I'll just blame Joe Torre and say it's time for Joe to Go.

The play was really great. "Mary Poppins" on stage is much better than the movie. The sets were amazing and the music spectacular. It was a full house and everyone - young and old - really loved it. If you ever come to NYC and want to see a play I recommend it - especially if you have kids.

The Bob Newhart event was the best of all. He is really a naturally funny guy and had the 75 people in the audience cracking up during the whole interview. When the Q&A session started I found myself at the mike again. Just as happened during past events I had the whole crowd cracking up when I walked up to the microphone.(God I love that!) I stepped up, and with the best comedic timing I could muster said "HI BOB". Bob, Ron and the audience all drank on cue and laughed hysterically, setting up my question about the"Hi Bob"drinking game. Newhart said he had heard about it some twenty years ago, thought it started at Southern Methodist University and no, had never played himself. I was going yell "a round of tequila for Bob" but figured it's always better quit while I am ahead in the comedy department and gave way to the next (yawn, boring) questioner. Another notable fact was that we sat next to Opie from Opie and Anthony Show. He's a nice guy who despite being a God in radioland, refused all the pandering to him before the show. The organizers wanted to move some people out of the front row for Opie and his (extremely attractive) companion to sit but he had no problem squeezing into the regular seats with us members of the unwashed masses. It was a fun afternoon and I gained a lot more appreciation for Bob Newhart. In fact I want to get his 1963 albums - which I learned were #1 and 2 on the chart simultaneously. Apparently, he was a rebel comic back in the day and I am eager to see what was cutting age around the year of my birth.

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They were just being bugged!!