Tuesday, February 6, 2007

United States of Florida

Growing up in Florida I certainly noticed the large number of "snow birds" who had relocated there from cold weather climates. In fact, my parents, us kids in tow, moved from snowy Connecticut to balmy South Florida in the late 1960's. There was an interesting article the other day in the New York Times that described how specific groups tended to end up together after they moved to Florida. This population distribution is illustrated in the map above and in this article.

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Jeff Briscoe said...

Wow! This immediately earns the honor of being my favorite MQAblog find of the year. And as a Floridian I can say there's a lot of truth to this map. So I guess I currently live on the border of New England and Germany. And I grew up down there in the Germany/Michigan area! The comparisons to Alabama (PCB), Georgia (Jax), Carolina (Daytona), Britain (Orlando), New York (Dade/Broward), and Michigan (SW FL) are all very good ones. And I love the way your old Tallahassee is labeled "Native Area!" Great stuff.

I love this state. The rest of America can pick at our weather and our elections but you gotta love Florida! :-)