Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Super Complainers

You know some people just love to bitch and moan. If things happen that they don't totally agree with, they cry foul and express outrage at some perceived slight they feel they have suffered. As far as Super Bowl controversies goes nothing tops the Janet Jackson episode. Thousands of people expressed outraged (even though they had to re-watch the clip in slow motion to see anything) and the Bush administration levied huge fines on CBS. This year, we have two controversies. One, by the same Puritans who seem to want to live in a world with the moral standards of the Taliban, claim that the imagery in the Prince concert was too sexual. [story][video] Oh Brother! They really have some deep issues they need to deal with. Perhaps a trip to Ted Haggard's counselors can cure them of their uncontrolled desire to see everything as sexual in nature and therefore offensive.

The second controversy is equally as idiotic. Apparently some gay groups are angry at the snickers "kiss" commercial. Gimme a break. [ story] [video] It's comedy people - not an insult. If two straight guys accidentally kissed believe me they would want to do more than just rip their hair out. Just because some group decides they are offended should not have meant that the ad campaign should be pulled. Get a grip - you are as bad as the right wing nut jobs. If you want others to accept your alternative lifestyle - show some tolerance of your own for corny silly (and NOT mean spirited) jokes!

Finally, I am bewildered that most people who have talked about this take an inconsistent position. Those who criticized Prince or Jackson, ridicule the gay groups. Those opposed to the Snicker ad attack the right wingers. Hey guys - you are one in the same on this. Both wrong.

I find so many commercials offensive but have not been moved to complain to the FFC. People on the far Right and the far Left need to understand that this is a free country and therefore people different than you will do thing you wouldn't do. Don't complain - just move on.

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