Friday, February 2, 2007

AEI tries to bribe scientists on Global Warming

The Republican party is really a conglomerate of the most selfish. They have the wealthy (the richest people in human history) who are willing to put the nation through any hardship to assure their politicians continue to give them tax breaks and other financial rewards. Right wing Christians (living in the most religiously tolerant nation in history) have used the GOP to portray themselves as victims of religious persecution (ha!) and to promote a fundamentalist agenda. The American Enterprise Institute (AEI) has been leading the foreign policy of the GOP and George W. Bush, most notably by arguing for the Iraq invasion and now for the escalation. Well it seems that this group, already responsible for our tragic foreign policy meltdown, has also been trying to manipulate scientific evidence for their own economic interests (imagine that!). Seems that they tried to buy off scientists in order to prevent the truth about Global Warming from reaching the public. You see, this information would hurt the big oil companies and other multi national corporations they serve. It would also go against the stated positions of Republican leaders. Science be damned. They want their facts to reach the public debate! (They'll distort and the mainstream media will oblige).
Yes, the modern Republican party is now widely seen as removed from reality and unconcerned with the future of our country or our countrymen. But we should never forget that this is no accident - it is a well planned, well financed strategy to empower the powerful, reward the selfish and mislead the rest of us.
(Just in case you think this is an isolated case of coordinated deception here's another example from the news today)

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