Friday, June 29, 2007

America Under Attack

Sheer frustration has caused me to hesitate writing anything about the latest rape of our constitution by the Bush Administration. Namely, the claim by Vice President Cheney that he is not part of the Executive branch and, in fact, outside the bounds of any part of government. I could write pages about this shocking attack on America, but it is not worth the time. Vice President Cheney, even as his office has been forced to back of his claim, has shown his hand. He is a fascist. He is un-American and he should be impeached immediately. Until this occurs, I will probably be writing less about “left/right” politics. Why? Because to “debate” Republicans at this point would only serve to legitimize them. If the America people want to save this nation, they have to remove the current regime. Until then, I will decline, as much as possible, to even acknowledge the legitimacy of the President and Vice President. Not only do they support failed conservative policies, not only are they incompetent in protecting our nation and her people, but clearly they have total disregard for American law and the US Constitution. I’ve had enough of trying to reason with them and their supporters. I’m fed up with pretending that their ideas for this nation are sincere or stand any chance of helping average Americans and I’m fed up with the “liberal” media allowing this assault on our nation to continue. Unless and until the Bush regime exits the White House, I have no choice but to consider us under attack by domestic (political) terrorists.

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