Saturday, January 5, 2008

A Saturday Night Double Feature!

Tonight (Saturday) ABC Television is having 2 - count them 2 - debates! Both the Democrats and Republicans will face off in what should be a very good pre-New Hampshire primary face off. The format is different, the lower tier candidates have been left out (thank God!) and a whole lot is on the line. This should be the most watched debate of the year since it is on network television so all the candidate will be giving 110%. Romney and Clinton will be trying to save their campaigns while Huckabee tries to move his numbers up in NH and give the rest of the nation a look at him. Obama will try to build on his momentum and attract Independents who can vote in either primary. McCain, who won NH in '00 will try to recapture that magic and Edwards, Guliani, Thompson and the rest will try to get a last minute boost. All the fun starts at 7pm - don't miss it!!

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